A2P SMS: Towards a New Ballance of Power?

This free whitepaper aims to update readers on A2P issues across the messaging value chain. It begins by analyzing SMS usage among major customers like OTTs and Hyperscalers, exploring their payment trends and preferred alternatives. The paper also discusses strategies for operators to maintain SMS’s historical success amidst evolving market dynamics.

Release date: Feb 2024

Whitepaper cover: A2P SMS Balance of Power

The “WhatsApp DO’s and DONT’s Whitepaper”

Our free whitepaper helps you understand the differences between all commercial policies and will assist you in choosing the provider that offers the most competitive prices and best service quality!

Release date: Feb 2020

Choosing whatsapp provider, do's and don'ts - white paper

Enabling your Network for RCS Business Messaging

Many MNOs are still in the process of evaluating RCS and the different ways of implementing it. This free whitepaper looks to provide non-technical guidance for MNOs by showing the end-to-end ecosystem and RCS Business Messaging (RBM) message flows.

Release date: August 2019

Enabling your network for RCS business messaging - white paper

The Complete Guide to Select an SMS Platform for your Business

Whether launching SMS services or considering replacing an old software system, this comprehensive guide will help you choose the right platform vendor.

 Release date: Oct 2016

Achieving the right balance - white paper