Wholesale SMS Launch

A2P SMS aggregation remains one of the most persistently profitable wholesale businesses in the Telecommunications industry with ongoing growth. Would you like to get involved?

Our offering

Global Telco Consult (GTC) is uniquely positioned to help Telcos in defining their wholesale strategy.
We’ll begin by evaluating your existing business assets, capital and human resources - outlining the correct business development approach and providing a reliable execution plan.

We offer absolute market transparency on available technology solutions and providers such as SMS platforms, HLR Lookup providers, MNP solutions, and testing solutions. While you focus on your core business, we will take care of the following:

Learn how Global Telco Consult worked with IDT to launch their Wholesale SMS business


Why partner with GTC

We are experts

Unique experience launching and managing multiple messaging platforms worldwide

We are neutral

A vendor or solution evaluation process undertaken by an external neutral entity

Market transparency

Market transparency from an independent consultancy with long-standing industry relationships

Extensive messaging knowledge

Deep understanding of messaging and CPaaS strategy, including RCS

Proven track record

Proven track record providing SMS monetisation services, such as firewall support

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