Cost & Margin Assurance

Maintain your profits

If you’re running a business that uses enterprise messaging, you’ll know it’s important to keep an eye on costs and margins. You might experience price changes from operators or aggregators that suddenly upend your business. Alternatively, there could be gradual price increases that seem to cannibalise your profit without warning.


Either way, Global Telco Consult (GTC) can help you take control. We can provide a thorough 360 degree review of your routing setup and connectivity portfolio. We can point to where you should be getting a better deal, help you connect to additional routes or simply negotiate better terms overall. We will also ensure that your messages get delivered reliably on time and at a competitive cost.

Gain a competitive advantage

GTC can do all this thanks to our expert market insight. We gather detailed information on costs and margins through our comprehensive knowledge of current rates and trends in A2P pricing. These valuable market metrics help our enterprise customers achieve a genuine competitive advantage.

We can summarise the benefits of our expert insight as follows:

Why partner with GTC

Global messaging experience

Global experience supporting large enterprises in messaging to improve processes, quality and costs

Market transparency

Market transparency from a trusted, independent consultancy

Established industry relationships

Long-standing industry relationships within the whole messaging ecosystem

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