Digital Identity

Digital Identity is reshaping the industry landscape, driving enhanced security personalized experiences, and unlocking new business opportunities. At GTC, we offer a complete set of advisory and professional services related to Digital Identity.

GTC's Holistic Approach to Digital Identity

GTC excels in collaborative partnerships across the entire spectrum, fostering the creation of innovative use cases through a Mobile Identity framework and prioritizing a Phone Number-First strategy. Our multifaceted involvement spans critical areas such as data acquisition, monetization, pioneering new product development, and seamless platform deployment.

Acknowledging the key role of mobile identity, our transformative approach is tailored for telecommunications providers, CPaaS, enterprises emphasizing risk management, and aggregators seeking to explore novel product possibilities.

Domestic and International Growth

Tailored to your unique needs, we craft strategic roadmaps that propel your digital identity expansion efforts both locally and globally. From navigating regulatory hurdles to capitalizing on emerging trends, our expert guidance accelerates your growth trajectory and ensures sustainable success on a global scale.

Market Intelligence

Uncover invaluable insights into shifting market dynamics, competitor strategies, and regulatory landscapes. Armed with this knowledge, you can make proactive decisions, seize emerging opportunities, and carve out a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital identity space.

Digital Identity Integration

Whether it's harmonizing diverse systems, modernizing legacy infrastructure, or optimizing API connectivity, we specialize in forging cohesive solutions that drive efficiency and enhance user experiences. By breaking down silos and fostering interoperability, we empower your organization to thrive in today's interconnected digital landscape.

Project and Product Management

Our seasoned professionals oversee every aspect of project lifecycles, from ideation to execution, ensuring seamless coordination, optimal resource allocation, and timely delivery. With our meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality assurance, you can rest assured that your digital identity projects are in capable hands.

Specialized Talent Aquisition

GTC excels in recruiting top-tier professionals in the telecom and digital identity sectors, alleviating the challenge of finding exceptional talent. Our global recruitment services cater to technology and telco organizations, providing expert assistance in building high-performing teams.

M&A Expertise

Our M&A advisory services cover valuations, target identification, deal negotiations, and due diligence. With our strategic approach, we ensure informed growth in the telecom and digital identity market. Trust our expertise to guide you through every step of the process with confidence and insight.

The Digital Identity Revolution Is Here

Understanding the impact of Digital Identity is crucial. From authentication to personalized services, GTC is here to help you understand how this revolution is redefining user interactions and reshaping the future of telecommunications.

What is Mobile Identity

Mobile Identity verifies users by leveraging native attributes like phone numbers, devices and networks data. This approach provides fast, secure, convenient identity confirmation to facilitate online transactions and prevent fraud.

At GTC, we see it at the crossroads of telecommunications and digital identity, and we help you to unleash its full potential whether you are a telco or CPaaS player that wants to monetize its assets, an enterprise that needs to improve its risk and security management, or aggregators looking at new product developments.

Advantages of Mobile Identity

Mobile identity provides extensive benefits, making it an indispensable asset in today’s digital sphere. These solutions strengthen fraud detection capabilities and streamline authentication processes, enhancing security and user experience. Mobile identity solutions proactively identify and mitigate fraudulent activities by leveraging advanced algorithms and user behavior analysis, safeguarding sensitive data and transactions.


By providing nuanced insights into user behavior, mobile identity solutions enable robust fraud detection mechanisms, ensuring the integrity of transactions and safeguarding sensitive data.


Leveraging a phone number and network insights for identity verification and fraud prevention prove easier and more user-friendly than traditional methods.


In a world where connectivity knows no bounds, leveraging phone numbers for identification purposes transcends geographical barriers, facilitating seamless interactions and transactions on a global scale.

Ease of Use

Ditch the old fashion login password and provide a better user experience and increase the customer conversion rate.


Digital Identity: Use Cases, Industries and Focus


Telcos shape the digital landscape but face challenges in identity tech adoption. We collaborate with telcos on privacy, content moderation, mobile identity, and more, ensuring a secure, profitable, and scalable future.

Fintech Frauds

As fintech grows so does fraud. GTC advises on robust security measures to combat phishing, money laundering, cryptocurrency fraud, payment fraud, robo-adviser fraud, and social engineering in the dynamic fintech landscape.

eCommerce Frauds

GTC supports eCommerce platforms against fraud, offering quick identification and cost-effective mitigations. From payment and account takeover fraud to affiliate, friending, and scraping fraud, we provide solutions for a secure online shopping experience.

Phone Number First

With a billion people accessing the internet through mobile phones, GTC advocates a phone-number-first approach. Collaborating across the chain, we drive mobile identity development, unlocking its power for data acquisition, new product development, and platform deployment.

IRSF and Wangiri

GTC pioneers IRSF fraud detection, utilizing AI and ML. IRSF involves criminals hijacking international phone traffic for revenue share, impacting social media accounts and eCommerce. GTC helps detect and mitigate IRSF for Telcos and Enterprises.

Flash Calls

Flash calls, an authentication method existing for a decade, originally involved a VoiP silent handshake between a device and an app. It has evolved and gained popularity in recent years due to rising SMS costs. We offer guidance to telcos and enterprises on best practices for transparent delivery and detection tools.

Fraud and Risk Management

Fraud and risk management are intertwined at GTC. We assist organizations in proactively identifying and preventing fraud, ensuring it is a crucial component of their overall risk management strategy. Our approach includes building tools and strategies for comprehensive end-to-end mitigation.


GTC addresses account registration fraud in mobile identity, combating SIM swap fraud, device spoofing, and social engineering. Robust security measures, including multi-factor authentication and real-time monitoring, protect users from evolving mobile identity frauds.

Benefits and Opportunities

For CPaaS Providers:

For Telcos and Carriers:

For Enterprises, E-commerces and Fintech:

For Regulators:


GTC: Leading the Charge in Digital and Mobile Identity Consultancy

With an extensive background spanning almost two decades in the telecoms and digital identity sectors, we recognized a prevailing issue in the industry. Traditional advisory firms tend to compartmentalize industries, lacking the innovative, out-of-the-box thinking necessary for holistic solutions. In response, we founded a human-first company that seamlessly connects two diverse realms.

Our approach goes beyond conventional practices, emphasizing in-depth analysis and leveraging profound data insights. This commitment ensures that our customers receive comprehensive support, and we actively implement the findings and analyses to drive tangible results and foster meaningful advancements in telecoms and digital identity.

Acknowledging the key role of mobile identity, our transformative approach is tailored for telecommunications providers, CPaaS, enterprises emphasizing risk management, and aggregators seeking to explore novel product possibilities.

Our Partners

Unlock the Future with Digital and Mobile Identity!

Connect with our experts today to discover how our Digital Identity services can elevate your offerings across Telcos, Vendors, Fintech, and Enterprises. Enhance security, elevate services, and pave the way for unparalleled customer experiences. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Why partner with GTC

Objective and independent Digital Identity support

GTC provides objective and independent Digital Identity support for clients in the telecom industry.

Extensive expertise

Our teams combine their extensive expertise with deep understanding of the telecom industry.

Digital Identity process support

We take a broad view of Digital Identity by supporting clients from market insights, planning, and accelerated product development

Digital Identity Market Intelligence

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At GTC, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the novel digital identity landscape. Our Market Intelligence service provides invaluable insights into shifting market dynamics, competitor strategies, and regulatory updates.
We equip our clients with actionable intelligence to make informed decisions, seize emerging opportunities, and carve out a competitive edge in the digital identity space. Plan, execute, and monetize your digital identity projects with confidence, driving growth and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Digital Identity Domestic and International Growth

Mécanisme d’Authentification des Numéros (MAN) and digital identity

Digital Identity is a global phenomenon. GTC’s comprehensive approach to Domestic and International Growth ensures your organization can thrive in diverse markets.
Our holistic approach to Domestic and International Growth empowers your organization to navigate complexities and unlock new opportunities in both established and emerging markets. We offer a range of services tailored to your unique needs, including:

Digital Identity Integration

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Our Digital Identity Integration services are specifically tailored to multiple industries, ensuring the seamless integration of mobile identity solutions into your existing infrastructure.

With our Digital Identity Integration services, your organization can seamlessly incorporate mobile identity solutions, enhance security, and improve user experiences across their platforms and services.

Digital Identity Project and Product Management​

The-Evolution-of-Fraud: man engaged in telco fraud

Our Digital Identity Project and Product Management services are tailored to support your organization in efficiently managing their digital identity initiatives.
We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure the successful planning, execution, and delivery of digital identity projects and products.

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