Social Responsibility

GTC supports school kids in Madagascar

GTC is committed to supporting non-profit charitable initiatives worldwide. Our targeted aid programme aims to support the academic development of children. The Diantana Association is a non-profit organisation based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, dedicated to helping schools in rural areas by providing supplies to students in need.


Through a local supporting partner, we contributed much-needed toys, food, clothing and free school supplies to children located in the North of the island.


Our contribution of essential school materials, toys and food were handed out directly to the students of a school located in the West of the island, thanks to our supporting local partner.


Our contribution of toys and food was handed out directly to the 100 students of a school & 40 families located in the West of the island.


GTC continues its annual tradition of giving back. This year, we provided Christmas toys to 120 kids, essential food packages to 40 families, and distributed clothing and accessories to the village community.

Education is a key asset in the
development of future generations

“While GTC has been able to rise to the challenges and opportunities brought about by the global Pandemic, we are well aware of the difficulties many industry sectors and individuals are faced with around the world. As a consulting company, we have always understood the value of helping others. The idea to allocate funding to charity projects, such as the one run by the Diantana Association in Madagascar, came naturally to us.”

José García

CEO & Founder of GTC

Jose Garcia