SMS Procurement

With growing SMS success, comes greater volumes and a greater total spend for SMS overall.  You may also receive an increasing number of complaints from customers who did not receive that time-sensitive 2FA message they were expecting.


Do you know why this is happening and what to do about it? Most likely, you have one (or more) SMS suppliers that you trust to do this job for you. But how do you know if they’re doing a good or bad job? And how do you know if you’re paying a fair price for the messages?

Our offering

Global Telco Consult (GTC) will provide a thorough 360° review of your message delivery as it stands. Then we evaluate the offers you have received from your suppliers, re-negotiate rates and terms and introduce alternative suppliers to improve your service quality and cost base.

As a part of our offering, we will provide financial and service quality analysis for your valuable SMS traffic. Together we ensure that your messages get delivered reliably on time, and at a fair cost.

Unfortunately, buying SMS is not like buying commodities like office supplies. The devil lies in the detail and GTC can make that simple without unnecessary jargon to share:

Why partner with GTC

Global messaging experience

Global experience supporting large enterprises in messaging to improve processes, quality and costs

Market transparency

Market transparency from a trusted, independent consultancy

Established industry relationships

Long-standing industry relationships within the whole messaging ecosystem

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