Enterprise Messaging

While businesses continue to use traditional methods like voice, SMS and now RCS, customers seek out new ways to contact their preferred businesses via WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms.

That’s why keeping messaging simple for consumers can often mean greater complexity for Enterprise Messaging.

Our offering

Global Telco Consult (GTC) assists Enterprises in exploring Omni-channel technologies to utilise enterprise messaging opportunities to find the best messaging solution for your organisation’s needs.

We can help you:

Find the right technology to bring it to life

Revise your A2P Enterprise business strategy

Support your A2P business as it evolves

To help you make the right technology investment(s) for your business needs, we will:


Share insights into relevant A2P or B2C communication channels such as SMS, OTT Messenger Apps, Push Messages and email.

Provide an easy-to-understand comparison of key OTT Messenger App restrictions, features, and costs to simplify decision-making for your channel strategy (WhatsApp Business, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat (ABC) and others).

Supply you with important information on market transparency regarding technology solutions and providers like SaaS solutions, APIs, Omni-channel tools and CPaaS providers.

Present the relevance of available channels by considering the geography, culture and target groups of your operations.

Once we’ve selected the best channels for your needs together, we can help you get the most out of your preferred messaging channel by:


Elaborating your business case based on validated market parameters.

Applying market intelligence to refine product and market strategy.

Building a project plan to launch new services and how to manage them when live.

Developing customer and case-specific solution selection criteria to meet your Enterprise’s requirements.

New solutions are only worth the investment if they are used effectively. We provide our customers with the following assistance supporting the process of vendor selection:


Planning, organising and managing RFP, RFI, and RFQ processes.

Creating multi-criteria evaluation models.

Running a shortlist or selection workshop.

Supporting contract negotiations with technology providers.

Ensuring compliance of the selection process with internal guidelines.

Supporting the complete implementation and launch of your new service.

Training of internal resources such as the sales, helpdesk and marketing departments.


Why partner with GTC

Global messaging experience

Global experience supporting large enterprises in messaging to improve processes, quality and costs

Market transparency

Market transparency from a trusted, independent consultancy

Established industry relationships

Long-standing industry relationships within the whole messaging ecosystem

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