GTC Insiders video series


Mobile Ecosystem Forum

Dario Betti

Join us as we talk with Dario Betti, the CEO of Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF) about MEF and its impact on the industry. Discover how Dario found himself working for MEF, the unique role MEF plays as a facilitator and catalyst for collaboration, and what sets the association apart from other trade bodies.  Get ready for an intriguing conversation that uncovers the inner workings of MEF and its influence in the messaging market. 



Guillaume Bourcy

Join us as we take a journey  into the world of mobile identity and digital communications.  Guillaume Bourcy, the founder of Oofty, shares his insights and expertise on the importance of phone numbers as universal identifiers to the challenges faced by mobile operators, and sheds light on how mobile identity can revolutionise the way we navigate the digital landscape.



Iftach Sofer

Join us as we delve into emerging segregation and it’s impact on quality and deliverability with Iftach Sofer, SMS Strategic Initiatives Manager at Yotpo. Hear how the innovative eCommerce marketing and retention platform Yotpo, helps eCommerce brands increase customer lifetime value.


Globe Teleservices

Anurag Aggarwal

Join us as we dive into emerging messaging technologies with Anurag Aggarwal, Chief Growth Officer at Globe Teleservices. Hear how CPaaS is revolutionising enterprise communications and the role of AI, 5G, and IoT in shaping its future.


Sekura Mobile Intelligence

Kerry-Anne Harvey

Join us in this episode of GTC Insiders, where Kerry-Anne Harvey, Director of Global Partnerships at Sekura Mobile Intelligence, sheds light on her role and how her team supports Sekura’s partners who deliver mobile intelligence that authenticates users without the need for a one-time password.



Desh Bansal

In this episode of GTC Insiders, we have the pleasure of speaking with Desh Bansal, COO of Comviva. 



Patrick George

In this instalment of the GTC Insiders video series, we sit down with Patrick George of iBasis, to discuss our joint M&A efforts.


LINK Mobility

Rasa Saltene

In this second instalment of the GTC Insiders video series, we sit down with Rasa Saltene of LINK Mobility as she tells us how José introduced her to SMS.



Fabio Bottan

In the first video of this series, we chat with Fabio about the growth of Arelion in the A2P messaging market and how GTC helped them get there.