SMS for business is growing fast. Millions of enterprises now use A2P messaging every day. This represents a multi-billion dollar business opportunity. But there’s a flipside. As legitimate traffic grows, so do grey routes, SIM boxes and SMS scams and frauds.

For operators & service providers, there’s an effective way to defend against malpractice and take back control: install an SMS firewall.

However, this represents a major commitment – and it raises questions such as:

Our ‘Firewall’ service offers technical and commercial support to any industry player that wants to install,  enhance or develop a firewall.

Our offering

Managed Services

We offer an SMS Firewall Management service, which we configure in line with your strategy and network policies. It is vendor and solution-agnostic.

The service offers protection from external attacks and limits subscriber exposure to phishing (aka smishing) and spam. It also performs systematic network penetration testing to reveal where bypass routes are active.

And GTC will also work hard to get the best performance from your firewall. We will make adjustments and apply iterative network test logic to continuously improve your firewall algorithms.


GTC will help you implement SMS firewalling best practices, select the right provider for your needs, and monitor the performance of the platform and the managed services team.

If you are a firewall vendor, we can advise on the strengths and weaknesses of your solution and guide you through possible improvements to make your service the market leader.


Why partner with GTC

Extensive messaging knowledge

Deep understanding of messaging and CPaaS strategy

Market transparency

We are an independent consultancy with long-standing industry relationships

Proven track record

We have launched and managed messaging platforms worldwide

Support any technology

Our team has extensive technology-agnostic expertise in managing SMS platforms and SMS-Cs

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