Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) is a protocol that performs number translation, local number portability and Short Message Service (SMS). The commercial and technical benefits of SS7 are often unknown to many Messaging Service Providers despite offering significant benefits to track performance and optimise service quality.

Our offering

Global Telco Consult (GTC) will start by revealing the commercial and technical benefits of SS7 for SMS delivery and HLR Lookup services. We will then complete a quantitative and qualitative cost-benefit analysis to launch SS7 and provide market transparency on available solutions and technology providers. GTC will support the process of vendor and solution selection and contract negotiations with technology providers.

We provide the training of internal resources such as sales, technical and product teams. GTC will also support the productisation of SS7 based messaging and Number Lookup services, including contracts, SLAs, service order forms, service descriptions, marketing material and pricing.

Above all, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’ll be with you every step of the way, throughout implementation, at launch and for the future.

We’ll help you build a long-term messaging and product strategy leveraging SS7 technology. You will gain an understanding of the productisation potential of SS7 deployment and learn sophisticated sales and purchasing techniques related to SS7 deployment from GTC’s team.

Why partner with GTC

Extensive messaging knowledge

Deep understanding of messaging and CPaaS strategy

Market transparency

Market transparency from an independent consultancy with long-standing industry relationships

Proven track record

Proven track record in launching and managing messaging platforms worldwide

Support any technology

Extensive technology-agnostic expertise managing SMS platforms and SMS-Cs

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