360° Feedback

GTC is the trusted partner of the world’s mobile messaging community. Recently, we have become aware of a growing pain point for many of our clients: feedback. Everyone needs to hear from their customers, suppliers and even employees. Feedback can tell you what you are doing right – and what needs work. But running feedback programs is hard work.

Which explains why we launched 360° Feedback. GTC is well-placed to take over this critical component of your business. Why? Because we are a neutral party with a global perspective and deep messaging expertise. We know the industry well enough to always ask the right questions, understand the answers and make the best recommendations.

Here are five reasons why you should consider 360° Feedback:

Running a feedback program is not a core business for you. It takes effort and expertise. Global Telco Consult has the time and the knowledge to take this process over – and take the hassle away.

Many established feedback programs run on regular schedules. But this risks missing important one-off events. Global Telco Consult’s 360° Feedback service is more flexible. We can step in to run targeted interviews on relevant topics of interest to your business performance. This might be for a one-time review after the launch of a new product. Or it could be to help a new C-level executive get the lay of the land. We can even take charge of your annual review process to add greater depth to the process.

One of the great challenges of feedback is to get a reply in the first place. Often you will receive nothing. Conversely, there may be times when you are hit by a quick-fire list of complaints. This can make it difficult to uncover deeper-seated issues that may be the root of smaller, everyday frustrations. Global Telco Consult’s 360° Feedback service is regular and comprehensive. It will give you a full picture of the challenges you face.

The office can be a political environment. Because of this, some people will find it hard to give honest feedback. Global Telco Consult’s 360° Feedback service provides a safe space for your stakeholders (internal and external) to set the record straight. We can aggregate/anonymise results. This way, respondents can relax and give you the unvarnished views you need.

Ultimately, there is no point in gathering feedback if you don’t act on it.  Global Telco Consult’s 360° Feedback service aggregates all feedback into a concise and actionable summary for your team to consider.


Why partner with GTC

Global experience

We have helped large enterprises across all regions worldwide to improve messaging processes, quality and costs

Credibility and expertise

Our deep knowledge of the market means we always ask the right questions, read between the lines and articulate what we observe in your business

Market transparency

We always promise genuine market transparency from a trusted, independent perspective

Established industry relationships

Over many years, we have established long-standing industry relationships across the whole messaging ecosystem

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