GTC x Mobilesquared: Setting a New Standard in the Telco Advisory Space with “Messaging Pulse”

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This is probably the best way to summarize the latest partnership between GTC and Mobilesquared. Gray routes, flash calling, AIT, and the generalized lack of trust in the messaging space threaten to undermine the very foundation of many messaging businesses and messaging-reliant enterprises. Not to mention the cascade of new technologies and regulations that are constantly adding to the complexity of our industry.

At GTC, we believe this is the time to start preparing for a rich messaging future that we think is inevitable. A future where the unprepared will simply be left behind. And what better way to help businesses prepare for this than to step up the messaging consultancy game. How? By imbuing our decades’ worth of advisory experience with top-tier messaging intelligence.

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You can see where this is going. By joining forces with Mobilesquared, we kickstart the ultimate consultancy service where decision-making is powered by two twin engines: data and expertise. Introducing, Messaging Pulse.

Messaging Pulse

With this initiative, GTC and Mobilesquared catalyze a synergy that transcends individual capacities. This not only augments the value proposition for our clientele but also fortifies our position as leaders in shaping the future of telecommunications. Central to this partnership is the introduction of our groundbreaking product, “Messaging Pulse.” Messaging Pulse integrates cutting-edge consultancy with precise data intelligence. This revolutionizes the messaging industry by providing tailored solutions for MNOs, enterprises, platform providers, and VCs & major consultancies. For you, our esteemed audience, this partnership means access to a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources. Including the innovative capabilities of Messaging Pulse, which will amplify your impact within the messaging ecosystem.

Now, let’s explore this strategic partnership, poised to tackle upcoming challenges in A2P messaging.

Solving the New Challenges in the A2P Messaging Arena

It’s plain to see that the messaging space is treading on thin ice. For the first time, we’re witnessing a slowdown in A2P messaging. This compels businesses to adapt their approaches to remain agile in the market. Nowadays, hyperscalers are reshaping market dynamics by withdrawing from key markets. They are opting instead to engage directly with mobile network operators (MNOs) to ensure optimal quality and conversion rates.

In turn, MNOs are grappling with rising operational costs and regulatory pressures. These factors complicate their efforts to maintain profitability and service quality. Rapid technological evolution and changing customer expectations further challenge MNOs. They must continuously innovate while managing complex network infrastructure and security issues.

These developments are reshaping the industry and directly impacting enterprises. With escalating costs for customer communication, businesses face mounting pressure to find cost-effective solutions without compromising on effectiveness. As these challenges unfold, it’s increasingly evident why strategic new and evolved advisory products such as Messaging Pulse are essential for navigating the complexities of the A2P messaging landscape.

Next, let’s delve into the beneficiaries of our enhanced consultancy services and the specific advantages they can gain.


For Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), this partnership offers a pathway to the evolution and monetization of their services. This entails several key strategies: Firstly, MNOs can safeguard SMS revenues by taking proactive measures to control grey routes through rigorous testing, thereby mitigating commoditization risks. Secondly, they can evolve their offerings to RCS/RBM, capitalizing on these new technologies to enhance communication services. Lastly, MNOs can explore mobile identity options by leveraging new APIs, augmenting existing use cases, and forging partnerships with trusted vendors to avoid the aggregator frenzy that has led to the commoditization of SMS services.

Through these avenues, MNOs can optimize their operations and solidify their positions in the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape. And yes, you’ve guessed it: Messaging Pulse can help you get there.

Platform providers

Platform providers stand to gain significantly from this partnership, focusing on innovation, enterprise service delivery, and scalability. Firstly, we can assist with the transition to SMS replacement services like RCS (including navigating the impact of Apple on RCS), as well as WhatsApp Business and Mobile Identity solutions. The market waits for no one. This is why we believe platform providers need to meet the evolving communication needs while embracing emerging technologies.

Platform providers can also enhance their value proposition by prioritizing enterprise services directly within key markets. By owning the end-to-end customer journey, they can deepen engagement, tailor offerings, and establish trust. 

Leveraging the combined expertise of Mobilesquared and GTC, they scale operations with relevant customer propositions. They remain agile and responsive to market demands. With Messaging Pulse, platform providers can use extensive consumer engagement data. This boosts their ROI with a data-conscious approach.


For enterprises, this partnership offers a direct avenue to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in their focus markets, ensuring asynchronous access to MNOs and 100% conversion from new customer use cases that enhance brand value and experience. By passing intermediaries, enterprises can get access to a deep understanding of consumer engagement, streamlining communication channels and ensuring seamless interaction with their target audience.

Accessing MNOs directly also empowers enterprises to implement customized solutions tailored to their specific market needs. This direct engagement fosters deeper connections with customers, enabling enterprises to deliver personalized experiences that resonate with their audience. 

Last but not least, the extensive consumer engagement and interaction data we provide helps enterprises develop and advance their campaign management strategy, and garner a greater return on their messaging investment.

With Messaging Pulse, enterprises can unlock new avenues for growth and differentiation, leveraging the expertise of Mobilesquared and GTC to drive impactful outcomes in their respective markets.

VCs and Major Consultancies

VCs and major consultancies play a vital role in clarifying the messaging industry’s landscape. Partnering with independent and impartial leaders like Mobilesquared and GTC, they can eliminate industry complexities and provide invaluable insights. This partnership enables VCs and consultancies to educate and inspire stakeholders, fostering the evolution of the messaging value chain.

By deploying Messaging Pulse, VCs and consultancies can develop innovative strategies and roadmaps tailored to the messaging industry’s evolving needs. Their impartial guidance and expertise contribute to the industry’s growth and adaptation, paving the way for future advancements and ensuring stakeholders are well-equipped to navigate the changing landscape. Through these partnerships, VCs and consultancies drive meaningful progress and innovation within the messaging ecosystem.


The partnership between Mobilesquared and GTC emerges as the answer to a new strategy, new monetization opportunities, and a fresh market view in the telecommunications space. Messaging Pulse offers a comprehensive solution to address the evolving challenges in the A2P messaging arena. To summarize:

·       Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) stand to optimize their operations and solidify their positions by leveraging the partnership to transition to wholesale plus models, control grey routes, and capitalize on monetization opportunities.

·       Platform providers can drive growth and differentiation by offering SMS replacement services, prioritizing enterprise services, and scaling operations with relevant customer propositions.

·       Enterprises gain direct access to MNOs in their focus markets, ensuring 100% conversion and personalized experiences.

·       VCs and major consultancies benefit from partnerships to clarify the messaging industry’s landscape, develop innovative strategies, and drive meaningful progress within the ecosystem.

With our new joint-product, Messaging Pulse, Mobilesquared and GTC are paving the way for industry advancement, providing valuable insights and solutions to stakeholders in the telecommunications sector.

Global Telco Consult (GTC) is a trusted independent business messaging consultancy with deep domain knowledge in application-to-person (A2P) services. GTC provides tailor-made messaging strategies to enterprises, messaging service providers, operators and voice carriers. We have expertise in multiple messaging channels such as RCS, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS for the wholesale and retail industry. Additionally, GTC offers Digital Identity and Fraud advisory services, aiding clients in navigating the complexities of digital identity verification and fraud prevention, while also providing Recruitment services, assisting businesses in acquiring top talent within the telecom and technology sectors.

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