Five key messaging technologies to support your business evolution

Choose the right blend of these protocols to complement your business

Messaging is increasingly important for enterprises as is understanding the technologies service providers use to make messaging happen. Many A2P startups and enterprises are keen to enter or expand the A2P SMS world and messaging business. However, it is not always easy to know where to start, what technologies to use, or how to set up messaging platforms robust for future messaging needs.

As a first step, it is important to be aware of the five key messaging technologies (also known as technical protocols) used in A2P SMS ecosystems. Here is a short overview to help understand the technical workflows, interfaces, and infrastructure to successfully participate and monetise the messaging business.

Blog - Five key messaging technologies to support your business evolution

1.     Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) allows you to easily integrate your existing web application (client) with an SMS vendor/provider (server). This may be old school IP technology, but it will be sufficient to start your messaging business and to satisfy your clients’ basic needs. This technology is based on request-response transactions in the client-server environment.

2.     Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol (SMPP) is an open industry standard designed to provide high volume messaging transactions at high speeds. This protocol has been widely adopted and respected by Mobile Network Operators that offer A2P messaging services in their SMS-C portfolio and outside their SS7 network. With advanced features and capabilities like message routing and load balancing, this client-server model protocol can satisfy any of your present and future messaging needs.

3.     KANNEL is a robust IP open-source technology. Its primary purpose is to create an SMS gateway and seamlessly connect HTTP and SMPP into one entity. It serves a myriad of connections, clients and providers simultaneously. This allows for high messaging volumes and enhanced SMS routing logic. This technology is complex, so a thorough technical understanding will be required to get this protocol up and running.

4.     Signalling System No. 7 (SS7) has become an integral part of the Mobile Network Operator’s world. The protocol is by far the purest telecommunication technique used to connect MNOs and any other SS7 enabled entity. If you are into high SMS volumes and understand the benefits of the SS7 enabled messaging world, you should consider investing in an SS7 enabled SMS-C solution.

5.     SMS API is an advanced software integration interface that enables code or script to send short messages through an SMS API ready platform. Depending on your clients’ or your own preference, you can get a tailored SMS API solution for PHP, Java, HTTP, Rest, Python or Ruby, among others. This protocol provides a huge competitive advantage in today’s fully digital world. With just the press of a button, you can attract large numbers of new clients by sending messages through your SMS platform.

With the growing diversity of available messaging technologies, you can set up your SMS business according to your business requirements and customer needs. From simple and ready-to-use, to highly complex and demanding technologies, you can also choose the right blend of these protocols for your business. When it comes to gaining a deeper understanding of (and implementing) one or more messaging technologies, Global Telco Consult (GTC) can provide you with the full support and expertise you need. As an unbiased messaging consultancy with in-depth industry expertise, GTC can assist you as your business changes and evolves.

GTC recently partnered with Yotpo to provide them with managed SMS procurement services, including KANNEL as well as HTTP to SMPP and vice versa. We are currently maintaining SMPP SMS platforms for Netconnect and iBasis as well as providing consultancy services to these partners. We have also supported Mediafon and DIMOCO with the SS7 solution. Having these major players in the messaging industry as our clients bears testament to our track record.

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